I help heart-centered coaches and service providers to launch & scale their business into six figures

... without feeling awkward, guilty, or inauthentic when selling


What if you didn't have to feel awkward or guilty when selling your services?

What if, INSTEAD, you could feel confident and empowered anytime you picked up the phone. What if selling could feel natural and GOOD - not only for you but for your ideal clients, too? What if you could grow your income CONSISTENTLY while also creating more time freedom? It's possible!

Wave goodbye 👋🏻 to hustle and grind, working 80-hour workweeks, or having to chase, manipulate, or convince people to buy ❌

There's a BETTER WAY to show up and grow your business. I've created a system that has been PROVEN to work not just for my own business (which has generated over $2M in sales) but also my clients' businesses. Now it's your turn!

Hi, I'm Kamila!

I'm the founder of Heart Behind Hustle, and a business coach + marketing strategist who's been helping entrepreneurs launch, grow, and scale their businesses into six figures for the last 10 years. 

My clients have created incredible results such as:

  • Generating $100K in sales in a single DAY for a new program during an event
  • Creating $75K in booked sales for a brand new program in just 6 weeks with no ad spend
  • Booking $150K+ in sales for a program within 10 days with only 300 people signed up for the launch (and only $1500 ad spend)
  • Going from zero to $10K months and quitting her day job in just 3 months after joining our program
  • And reaching six figures in CASH collected in her business within six months of working together, while also working a demanding 9-5 corporate career

These are just some of the results that are possible. But I wonder, what would be possible for YOU?

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"I just cracked $18K in sales in 30 days. The power of aligned action. I am doing a lot less sales calls but pretty much getting all yes's and I don't even know how to "sell". The only other time I made good money before nearly killed me and I signed a bunch of horrible clients, so this is a truly sweet, sweet victory as this time it feels right and easy."

Emma O'Sullivan
Busy Lady's Stress Coach, Australia

"Enrollment closed yesterday and I have a total of 8 clients for my first group program, when I had a goal of 5, I am PUMPED!!! Thank you Kamila - for everything! I would have never been able to push through to this, get the clarity, and create a group if it weren't for your coaching. You have helped change my life, my business, and my future!"

Cindy Van Arnam
Service Provider & Coach

What's the 'Serve to Sell' Method?

This is the ONLY system you need to book consistent clients WITHOUT feeling awkward anytime you sell or feeling guilty for charging what you deserve. There are FOUR phases you'll go through to create a sustainable business:

Structure for Profit

Most entrepreneurs overcomplicate their business and are focusing on completely the wrong things, which causes them to feel confused and overwhelmed. What if I told you a profitable business is way simpler than you think? We get our students to create a simple yet profitable structure that can grow with them.

Sell with Heart

We say NO THANKS to convincing, manipulating, and pushing people to buy. Our students learn how to feel aligned, confident, and natural during sales - causing their close rate to skyrocket. No more sleazy, icky, or awkward conversations. Just flow, ease, and structure that feels good for EVERYONE involved.

Show Up With Confidence

By creating more impact, providing actual real value, and creating goodwill, the income grows that much easier. Your audience will WANT to pay you for your services and programs, no pushy sleazy tactics necessary.

Serve for Impact

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